Social Impact Investment

Secured long term investments

Oparo has chosen to invest in Social Housing due to it's security, long term growth potential and the ability to provide a positive social impact whilst generating commercial returns for our investors.

Investors will benefit from long term stable rental income and pre-signed leases with the strongly rated Housing Association sector.

Oparo takes a long term view on the housing being provided and seeks to refinance acquisitions with senior debt.

Investment Strategy

Oparo Social partners with registered Housing Associations to provide residential and supported housing for low income households and the most vulnerable in society. We mitigate risks via long leases and property security.


Oparo Social is open to co-investing with like-minded Private Equity Houses, High-Net-Worth Individuals or Funds who share our passion for providing high-quality housing to make a positive impact on our resident's lives. Any investment would be in the form of equity and a shared first charge.


Oparo Social develops long term relationships with Banks and Pension Funds who provide long term debt financing and share our social purpose.


We create psychologically informed environments to enhance the mental wellness of our tenants. We refurbish to the highest modern standards combining substainabality and energy efficiency to promote positive well being.


We believe that safe, warm and secure accomodation is the bedrock of good health, wellness and self-improvement. All our residents benefit from recieving pastoral care and mentorship thereby reducing the impact on the Welfare Budget.


Oparo Social oparates as a partnership with each member having equal voting rights so to ensure our ESG goals are delivered by improving the lives of the people we house, building better homes and communities.

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