Interior Design

Resident Wellness Through Considered Living

Psychologically-informed environments focusing on the wellness of our residents, using durable, cost effective design and materials.

Mental health issues affect a large number of those who live in supported housing. These issues could be the result of past traumas, injuries, homelessness, domestic abuse, mental health conditions, special education needs or military service.

Our design team creates a contemporary and practical solution for all of our homes. One that will provide psychologically-informed housing with all the modern comforts one needs. And all this - in an innovative, durable and cost effective way.

How Can Design Improve Wellbeing?

Home is where opportunity, empowerment and security begins. Allowing for flow of energy through multifunction and neutrality is a commitment to our design we hope will resonate with each and every one of our tenants.

Evgeniya KuleshovaFounder of Crossover 22 Design Studios

We decided upon multi-function, clutter-free rooms with intelligent storage solutions, using neutral palettes, warm accents and wood flooring. Our aim is to encourage productivity and peace of mind for our tenants assisting in their reintegration into employment and aiding personal development. These objectives will be achieved through the use of innovative products such as vertical wall sofa beds, which allows a separation between night and day time activities, and fully equipped yet compact kitchens and our homes are delivered fully furnished.